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How to Retrieve iTunes Backup Password?

We possibly have stored a lot of data in our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, some of the data are with great value, like contacts, messages, photos, etc. In case of unpredictable or unforeseeable damage or loss to the data, we’d better back up the data in our iOS devices regularly, apple enables us to encrypt for the backup, which keep the data in high security level. However sometimes, we might forgot our iPhone backup password, now in this article, you will learn about how to retrieve iTunes backup password.

1. Try all possible password

First, calm down, people will be like a cat on hot brick when they can’t recall the important password, but we should let ourselves calm down, think thoroughly what might be the password.

2. Retrieve the lost password with Cocosenor iTunes Password Tuner

Second, as the iTunes backup password can’t be reset, if it’s lost, you can delete the backup and back up your data again, but this possibly causes the data on your iOS devices lost.

But we believe that method is more than problem. We recommend a amazing password recovery tool for you, iTunes password Tuner, which is powerful, 100% reliable and virus-free, spyware-free. Below video is the guide for using this program to retrieve the lost iTunes password.


Note: You can click the below button to get the free trial version. Please be rest assured there is no virus, no malware or no adware. It just works for password not longer than 3 characters.

itunes password tuner free trial version

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