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remove bitlocker encryption from USB

How to Remove BitLocker Encryption from USB Drive

When the BitLocker USB is connected to PC, it will prompt that “This drive is BitLocker-protected”. If you want to remove BitLocker encryption from a USB drive, you need to unlock the BitLocker-protected USB drive with a password or recovery key and then turn off BitLocker. After that, the USB drive is not in BitLocker protected mode. Anyone can access it. In this article, you can learn two ways to remove BitLocker encryption from USB stick.

Way 1: Remove BitLocker Encryption from USB via BitLocker To Go
Way 2: Remove BitLocker Encryption from USB via BitLocker Tuner

Way 1: Remove BitLocker Encryption from USB via BitLocker To Go

Firstly, you need to unlock the locked USB and then turn off the BitLocker on it.

Step 1: Double click This PC or Computer on desktop.

double click this pc

Step 2: Find the USB Drive with a locked icon and double click on the USB Drive.

lock icon

Step 3: Enter password to unlock this drive. (If you had forgot the password, you can click More options to choose enter the recovery key, the recovery key was created when encrypting USB drive.)

enter password

Step 4: When the BitLocker-protected USB Drive is unlocked, you can see the lock icon is at unlocked status.


You can open/read/write the USB Drive freely. However, if you want to remove the BitLocker from USB drive, continue the steps as below.

Step 5: Right-click on the unlocked USB Drive, and choose Manage BitLocker.

manage bitlocker

Step 6: Under the item of Removable data drives - BitLocker To Go, there have several options for your choice to do changes for the USB Drive. Choose Turn off BitLocker.

click turn off bitlocker

Click on Turn off BitLocker.

Tips: When you click on Remove Password, you will see a pop-up prompt "This password is the only way to unlock this drive. Add another unlocking method before removing this one." We can't remove BitLocker by removing password directly. So instead of removing password, we just need to turn off BitLocker.

turn off bitlocker

It might take a while to decrypt USB Drive. The decrypting time would be as long as encrypting time. Please wait patiently.


Click Close when decryption is completed.

decryption complete

Step 7: The USB Drive is with no lock icon on there. BitLocker encryption has been removed. You don't need to unlock the USB drive next time when you connect it to PC unless you turn on BitLocker again.

Way 2: Remove BitLocker Encryption from USB via BitLocker Tuner

Cocosenor BitLocker Tuner is the reliable BitLocker management tool that works the same as the Windows built-in BitLocker utility. What’s more, it simplifies the BitLocker encryption, decryption, locking and unlocking process, which makes the software more user-friendly. Now, let’s go to view how this software can help to unlock the BitLocker protected USB drive and turn off the BitLocker on USB.

Step 1: Inject your USB drive into the Windows computer and then make it detected by the computer.

Step 2: Launch BitLocker Tuner and you will see that the USB drive is displayed with the golden lock icon. You can right click on it and choose the Unlock Drive option.

click Unlock Drive option

Step 3: You are offered two ways to unlock the encrypted USB: the password or recovery key. Either one can help you unlock the USB. You can choose one option and then enter the right password/recovery key. Afterwards, click the Unlock button to go ahead.

unlock USB drive with password

Step 4: In seconds, the USB will be unlocked. You need to click the OK button to go back to the main interface.

unlock USB drive successfully

Step 5: Right click the unlocked USB drive again and then select Turn off BitLocker from the list.

click on Turn off BitLocker

Step 6: Now you can hit the Decrypt button and wait patiently.

click on Decrypt

Step 7: When the decryption bar reaches 100%, you will get the successfully notice box. Then you can click the OK button to end the process. Besides, the BitLocker protection is no longer works on your USB drive unless you enable it.

turn off BitLocker successfully


After the decryption, you can eject the USB drive from your computer safely if you do not need to use it now. Two methods are listed for your reference:

Method 1: Right-click on USB disk, select Eject, take out USB from PC.

eject USB

Method 2: Click the USB small icon at the bottom right corner of computer.

safely remove usb

Select Eject, take out USB from PC.

eject usb

External Tips:

If you have ony Mac computer alongside, by default, you can not remove the USB BitLocker password. But, you can use the BitLocker password to make the USB accessible on macOS and Mac OSX. How to do it? You can use Cocosenor MacOS BitLocker Reader to open and read BitLocker USB on Mac easily.

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