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How to Unlock Password Protected ZIP/WinZIP/7Zip File When Forgot Password

In daily work, we use ZIP file as it can pack a whole of folder, the ZIP archives can be transmitted easily. Sometimes, we may have to encrypt it in terms of archive security. Then the file can be password protected. However, if some day, you forgot the ZIP/WinZIP/7 zip password, how to unlock the password protected ZIP/WinZIP/7 Zip file?

You may hear about ZIP password unlocker, ZIP password remover, now I would like to introduce a better ZIP password recovery tool -- Cocosenor ZIP password tuner. This software is an amazing tool, it comes with 100% safe, malware free, adware free, virus free. Follow the following steps to know more about the usage of ZIP password tuner.

Step 1. Click below button to get the trial version for free.

free trial download

Step 2. After you have successfully install the software in your computer, run it and click Open to import Password Protected ZIP/WinZIP/7Zip File.

import file

Step 3. Now you could select from four types of attack -- Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart

zip password tuner four types attack

As for the details of these four types of attack, you can refer to four password attack methods to open encrypted file.

For example, I just know the password consist of small latin or digits, the length of password is at least 3, I can select Brute-force, then set the length of the password.

brute-force-attack set length of password

Step 4.When the setting is done, click "Start" to execute password recovery process, in a second, you will be able to get the password to unlock the password protected ZIP file.

zip password recovered

Tip: If the password for your ZIP archive is not longer than 3 characters, the trial version can help you to unlock the archive. However if the password is longer than 3 characters, you need to buy a registration code.

buy zip password tuner


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