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How to Unlock A PDF File When Forgot PDF Password

Encrypting a PDF file can enhance the security, especially for the PDF file that is quite important for you, you want to keep others from reading the file. However if you didn't touch the PDF file for a long time, you may forgot the PDF password. If you failed to unlock the PDF file after you had tried every possible password in your brain. Don't panic! Cocosenor PDF password tuner can help you. In this article, you will learn how to use this software to unlock a PDF file when forgot PDF password.

Step 1. Securely download the software from below link, and install it in your computer.

securely download Cocosenor PDF password Tuner for free

Step 2. Double click the icon to run the software, click Open to select the locked PDF file. For instance, now I had a locked PDF file, which was stored in the F disk in my computer. But you can select your PDF file in your computer.

forgot pdf password add file

Step 3. Under "Type of attack", there are four types of attack -- Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. As for the details of these four types of attack, please refer to four password attack methods to open encrypted file.

forgot pdf password four types attack

Step 4. For instance, I remember the password starts from "a", no caps latin, special characters, space, and printable included, the password length is 3, I can make setting as below:

mask setting

You can choose an appropriate attack method according to your memory about password.

Step 5. After choosing attack type and making setting, click "Start" button, the software will get the password in a while. I can use the password to unlock the pdf file.

get password

Tip: If your password is not longer than 3 characters, the free trial version is enough for you to recover the password. But if the password is longer than 3 characters, you need to get a registration code.

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