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iOS Repair Tuner Upgrade

  Upgrade History

Version:     12/13/2020

- Add the option –Activate your device in Advanced Mode repairing interface.

- Enable users to skip the setup wizard after activation in Advanced Mode.

- Support the latest iOS 14 devices.

Version:     11/20/2020

- Fix small bugs on the software.

- Support iPhone 12.

Version:    09/10/2020

-Cocosenor iOS Repair Tuner is newly released.

upgrade   How to update new version?

If I have purchased your software, can I update the latest version for free? If yes, how to do?

- You can always update your software for free. You can redownload the latest version from our web site. Then install the latest version to your computer again. And we will e-mail you the latest software which you purchased if we have updated.