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iPhone Passcode Tuner FAQ

iPhone Passcode Tuner frequently asked questions

  • What can I do with the iPhone Passcode Tuner tool?
  • With iPhone Passcode Tuner, you are able to unlock the iPhone lock screen; remove the existing Apple ID; remove the Screen Time Passcode when you don't remember the passcode.
  • Does the iPhone Passcode Tuner clear all data after unlocking the iPhone?
  • Yes. If you have previously backed up your data to your iCloud account, you can log in to your account to restore and recover your data after unlocking your locked iPhone.
  • Does iPhone Passcode Tuner erase all data when I remove my Apple ID?
  • Yes, it will. It's the same as unlocking the lock screen, which also erases your iPhone data.
  • How long does it take to remove my Apple ID?
  • In general, if "Find My iPhone" is disabled on your iPhone device, the Apple ID removal process will be faster.
  • Does the iPhone password tuner erase all data when removing the screen time passcode?
  • No. It will not cause any damage to the iPhone.
  • Why can't I remove my iPhone screen time passcode with iPhone Passcode Tuner?
  • iPhone Passcode Tuner can only remove the screen time passcode on ios 12. If your ios version on your iPhone device is not ios 12, you will not be able to remove the screen time passcode via the iPhone Passcode Tuner.
  • How does the iPhone Passcode Tuner detect my iPhone device?
  • To make sure your iPhone device can be detected, it's a good idea to download iTunes and install it on your computer.
    Then, if you fails to build up the connection, you can put the iPhone in recovery mode and connect it again.
  • Can I use the features of the iPhone Password Tuner if there is no network?
  • Of course, you can. But please note that if you are unlocking the lock screen, you need to have a firmware package for iOS that matches your iPhone. If you get a network, the software will download it for you.